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Mendel Academy

Mendel Academy is an exclusive secondary private school. Most students who attend are chromes. The naturals, or naturally gifted students who attend, often do so on a scholarship.[1]


Students who attend or did attend Mendel Academy include:

  • Scarlett Davis
  • Elinor Church
  • Marshall McCarty
  • Julian Wollenberg
  • Jessica Herron
  • Lila Hoving[2]

Students who may have attended Mendel Academy based on a list of known Vero users:

  • Anita Healey
  • David Abbott
  • Alan Lacey
  • Rachel Ellis
  • Jason Reeves
  • Julia Sanchez
  • Jesse Wilson
  • Marika Borsinski
  • Rebekah Lambert


Mendel Academy was most likely named after Gregor Mendel, a 19th Century monk who proved genetic inheritance by cross-breeding peas. Mendel is known as the 'father of modern genetics'.





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