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Detective Valerie Stahl is an Intelligence Analyst in the Detective and Investigations division, Delta, along with Detectives John Kennex and Richard Paul, under the command of Captain Sandra Maldonado.


Stahl is described as "eager" and somewhat "starstruck" where John is concerned. She is among those who see John as a kind of hero.

She keeps a bottle of Bourbon in her top drawer of her desk.[1]

Detective Stahl is a Chrome, meaning she was genetically enhanced in the womb.[2]

Awards, Commendations and CitationsEdit

Meritorious Police Duty
Marksmanship: Distinguished Expert [3]

Personnel Notes (For eyes only - Clearance D5 and above)Edit

Detective Stahl is an Intelligence Analyst for Delta region’s Detective & Investigations division. Reports from superiors state she is a “brilliant” and “tenacious” officer with a gift for identifying case-relevant insights in data (such as behavioral tendencies and criminal patterns).

Stahl’s expertise extends to the field. She is an excellent investigator and marksman. However, PolPsych evaluations suggest she dedicates much of her personal time to department work, “which may lead to an inappropriate work/life balance.” (Eval by Tilden, File #YM83-VS) [4]


  • Stahl is known to drink Bourbon and follow The Knights soccer team. John Kennex and Stahl have these characteristics in common.[5]
  • In a disputation between Richard Paul and her it is alluded to that she is genetically enhanced. [6]
  • There is also an underlying attraction between her and John Kennex

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I find behavioral tendencies in data and identify criminal patterns, or didn’t intelligence analysts do that before I got here." - Valerie to John Kennex[7]

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